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Should You Play Poker for Real Money?
For many players, a big part of the fun of poker stems from the money. Poker can certainly be fun in any case, but the possibility of winning big money often draws players more than just about anything else. Money is the reason why casino poker games are such a draw.

Choosing an Online Casino to Play Poker
If you love poker, you have likely heard about online casinos that let you play poker for money or just for fun from the comfort of your own home.

Poker or Virtual Poker: Your Choice
Today, thanks to computers, you can choose to play poker online or in real time. Whether you choose to play with friends at a casino or your home or whether you choose to play virtually is up to you...

How to Play Online Poker
If you decide to play online poker, there are a few steps you need to follow to play successfully...

Poker Terms You Need to Learn
If you are going to be playing poker for fun or money, you will feel much more comfortable in the game if you can use the right language. Poker uses words and phrases all its own, and learning these basic terms can make your poker play much more enjoyable...

Outfitting Your Home for Poker
If you plan on playing poker in your home or hosting poker games in your home, you can easily create a professional online environment by purchasing just a few items. Some things that you may want to consider buying for your next game include...

Why is poker so popular?
If you’ve been listening to the media, you already know that poker seems to be more popular than ever. It is featured in movies, it is a big draw in casinos, and friends all over the world meet regularly to play the popular card game.

Build These Four Poker Skills and Improve Your Chances at Your Next Poker Game
There are four skills, that more than any other, will determine whether you win poker hands more often or whether you often end up losing. Whether you are beginner or a seasoned poker player, work on these four skills and you will quickly improve your game....

Beginning with Poker: How to Play Five Card Draw
If you are just learning to play poker, you may wish to begin by learning to play 5-card draw, which is also sometimes called ‘regular” poker. This type of poker is played with a deck of standard 52 card playing cards. The cards have different values, with the Ace being worth the most.

Poker Betting Dos and Don’ts
A big part of any poker game is betting money on a game. Playing with money in a poker game adds to the excitement of a game but also adds to the danger. It is possible for a new player to lose a lot of money on a poker game.

Learning to play 5-card stud Poker
For many poker players, 5-card stud poker has become a popular game. It tends to rely a bit more on luck and tends to be played more quickly than 5-card draw poker because in stud poker you are now allowed to trade in any of your cards for new ones.

Learning to play 7-card stud Poker
In 7-card stud poker, each player is dealt seven cards rather than the standard five. Each player must make the best five card hand from their cards and no player is allowed to trade in their cards at any point.

Learning to Play Hold-Em Poker
Hold_em Poker is also known as Texas Hold_em Poker. In this poker game, the object of the game is to create the best hand of five cards from seven cards given. Before you begin playing a game, each player must place a bet.

Learning to Play Lowball Poker
Lowball poker is not always considered a serious poker game. In fact, some poker enthusiasts sniff at this game as something very different from poker.

Learning to Play Video Slot Machine Poker
Video slot machine poker is a good way to learn the different hands of poker and to start to enjoy the game of poker itself. It can also be a fun way to try to win some money.

Understanding Poker Hands
New poker players need to understand the hands of cards they are dealt in order to be able to translate the fistful of cards they have into their chances of winning.

Poker History
Poker has an exciting and illustrious history. Many experts claim that this popular card game is an all-American invention, first played on the river boats of New Orleans and the American South in the late nineteenth century.

Do’s and Don’ts of Playing Poker in a Casino
If you play poker, you may eventually want to move beyond your local kitchen-table game. For many poker players, the casino is an attractive place to play poker, at least once in a while.

Hold-Em Poker Tips
Texas Hold-Em poker is very popular in casinos and if you are a poker fan, then odds are good that at one time or another you will be asked to take part in a Hold-Em game.

Winning Poker Tips
Sometimes, a few simple tips can make all the difference between a win and a loss. Whether you are a seasoned poker player or just starting to learn the game, these few tips can help you in your next game...

Organizing a Poker Game in Your House
Poker games can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your friends. They can also be a fun and relaxed alternative to your usual round of parties and get-togethers.

Learning to Play Omaha Hold-Em Poker
Omaha poker, or Omaha Hold-Em, as it is sometimes known, is not as popular as Texas Hold-em, but still remains a popular poker game at many poker venues, including casinos and online poker tables.

Reduce Cheating at Your Poker Games
Most people play poker to win, but play fairly. Still, the very accusations of cheating will often sour a poker game. If someone does cheat in poker games that you are organizing, then other players are unlikely to want to play again.

Poker Etiquette
Just like any social activity, poker has its own rules of politeness. If you want to play poker, you will want to learn these do’s and don’ts of etiquette so that you can play with style...

What to expect from a casino poker game
When you walk into a casino to play poker, you are often asked to sign in at the front desk. The host will ask which poker game you are interested in.

Understanding the Different Types of Poker Games
If you are invited to play a poker game, your first question should be “what type?” since the general term poker is used to describe many types of card games.

Poker and Cheating
Since poker first appeared on river boats and in the Gold rush town of America, criminals and con artists have been using the game to get rich. There are many ways that a poker game can be fixed, including...

How to Improve Your Poker Skills
No matter what poker skills and ability you have now, there are ways that you can improve your poker skills. If you plan on playing poker regularly, then you will certainly want to develop your skills so that you can play well.

Omaha Hold-em Tips
Omaha Hold-em is a game that has been gaining popularity. If your local poker game hasn’t yet tried Omaha, then chances are that you will try this exciting poker game soon.

Texas Hold-Em Do’s and Don’ts
Texas Hold-em is now one of the most popular games played in casinos. However, although the rules of the game are not complicated, many beginner poker players who have mainly played 5-card draw...

Do’s and Don’t of 7-Card Stud Poker
If you are playing 7-card stud poker, you can’t draw any of your low cards. On the other hand, you do have two “extra” cards since you can create the best 5-card hand out of 7 cards.

5-Card Stud Poker Tips
5-card stud is usually played with an ante. After players have anted up, each player is dealt two cards - one face up and one face down.

More Poker Terms You Need to Know
If you want to play poker, you will need to learn some poker terms so that you can understand what is happening in the game.

How to Win at Online Poker
More and more players are playing online poker. Many new poker players assume that online poker is only for newbies, but in fact almost all seasoned pros play online at least part of the time, thanks to the huge possible jackpots and the generous sign-up bonuses that ensure your money goes further.

How to Win at Poker by Recognizing Poker Player Types
Everyone plays poker for a different reason, and despite the stereotypes, poker draws all types of people. Once people sit down to a game, though, poker players tend to play in specific ways.

Dos and Don’ts of Playing Poker Online
If you want to try your hand at online poker, you are not alone. Many poker players, from beginners to celebrity pros, take advantage of the convenient play, huge possible prizes and the privacy of online play.

Are these Common Poker Mistakes Costing You Money?
New poker players need to learn what to do during a poker game by learning the rules, but all too often they also need to learn what they shouldn’t be doing.

How to Play Anaconda Poker
Anaconda poker is sometimes called Pass the Trash Draw Poker. It is a fun game to play and can make an interesting change for your next poker game.

How to Play Chicago Poker
Chicago poker is a variation of 7-card stud. It is sometimes played with wild cards and is sometimes called High or Low Chicago. In many games, the high hand splits the pot with either the lowest ranked spade in the hole or the highest ranked spade in the hole available at the table.

How to Play Gai Pow Poker
If you play poker online at all, you will likely encounter Gai Pow Poker at some point. Almost all casinos offer Gai pow Poker options and even slots for players, even though this game is not often found in face to face table poker games.

How to Play Let it Ride Poker
Let it Ride poker is not considered a true poker by everyone, but it remains very popular at many poker tables and games, and it is a staple at many casinos (both land based and online).

How to Play English Stud Poker
English Stud Poker is generally played by three to six people, although in some games more people play. It is played similarly to 7-card stud poker and is in fact considered a variation of that game.

How to Play Razz
Razz poker is a variation on 7-card stud poker in which aces are low and the lowest hand wins. In Razz poker, the best possible hand you can create is comprised of a 5,4,3,2, and an Ace.

How to Choose and Buy Poker Supplies Without Breaking the Bank
Poker enthusiasts can spend a lot of money buying poker chips, cases, tables, dealer visors, cards, and other necessities of the game. However, one of the nice things about poker is that you really do not need a lot of stuff to play.

How to Be a Great Bluffer at a Poker Game
Bluffing is a tricky thing in poker. If you never bluff at all, more experienced players will easily be able to guess whether your hand is good or not - anytime you raise because you have a great hand, other players will know you have a great hand and will fold, leaving you with a minimal pot.

Jobs for Poker Enthusiasts
Should you go pro? It’s a question that many poker fans ask themselves when they find themselves playing poker a lot. When you start to develop your skills and can win a lot of games against many other types of players, you may start winning enough money at high-stakes games to pay for rent and other necessities.

What do These Tell-Tale Poker Phrases Tell you?
Poker has a language all its own. To someone who doesn’t play, poker can actually seem like a strange jargon, but players tend to use the same phrases again and again.

How to Deal Cards in Poker
If you are going to be playing poker or hosting poker nights, sooner or later you will likely be pushed into dealing duties. Being a dealer means a lot more than wearing a green visor, though.

Poker Tie-Breakers
It happens at least once in a while. If your weekly poker outings are starting to include more and more players, it is even more likely to happen. Ties happen when two players have hands that appear to be of equal value.

Key Words That Will Make You Sound Like Poker Expert
If you play poker, the following words can help you understand the game more fully and can help you sound like an expert, even if you are still only learning the rules of the game...

How to Play Spit Poker
Spit is a variation on 5-card draw poker and it is a great game to play for up to seven players. It includes a wild card variation that adds uncertainty and some fun to the game for many players.

How to Play Baseball Poker
Baseball is one of the many variations of poker. It is perfect for three to seven players and it involves dealt cards in 7-card stud order. In baseball, treys and nines are wild.

How to Play Murder Poker
Murder is a curious variation on poker, in which cards are dealt in an odd combination of draw and stud styles. On the one hand, each player gets seven cards, as with stud games.

How to Play Football Poker
Football poker is one of the many variations of poker based on 7-card stud. In this poker game, cards are dealt in 7-card stud style, with the first two cards dealt face down, the next four cards dealt face up, and the last card dealt face down.

How to Play Jacks are Better- Progressive
Jacks are Better - Progressive is dealt 7-card stud style, but this variation of poker takes several rounds of play before betting even takes place. While this fact makes some players frustrated with the game, the multiple antes ensure that the pot grows healthily in this game.

How to Play Follow the Queen Poker
Follow the Queen is sometimes just called Queens. It is a variation of stud poker that is ideal for three to seven players. As the name suggests, the queen cards have a special significance in this poker game. Queens are wild in this game.

How to Perform Simple Poker Chip Tricks
If you have played many poker games, you may have seen some poker players flipping, spinning, and manipulating poker chips into acrobatic and complicated patterns at the poker table. Playing with poker chips in this way is known as performing “poker chip tricks.”

How to Play Salt & Pepper (5-Card Draw Style)
Salt & Pepper Poker is played in two very different ways - in 5-card draw poker style and 7-card draw style. In both styles, Salt & Pepper poker involves many wild cards and is best played by three to seven players.

How to Play Salt & Pepper Poker 7-Card Stud Style
Salt & Pepper Poker, 7-card stud style, varies so much from its 5-card draw counterpart that it is quite a different game. The many up face cards and the seven cards each player gets ensure even better hands and more flexibility.

How to Play 52 Poker
52 poker is sometimes also called Guts or Balls, presumably because a great deal of gumption is required to play this variation of poker. This game is a variation of 5-card draw poker, but it has two major differences.

How to Play Criss-Cross Poker
Criss-Cross poker is an interesting variation on poker that is not quite like any other variation out there. In this poker game, each player is dealt only two hole or personal cards face down.

How to Play Indian Poker
In this variation of poker, bluffing counts for a great deal. Since this game is simple to learn, it can be a great way for a beginning player to learn how to keep a perfect poker face.

Luck and the Poker Game
Many poker players, especially beginners, believe that luck has a lot to do with poker winnings. It is certainly true that luck has something to do with the cards that are dealt.

How to Find and Learn the Most from Great Poker Resources
Beginning and advanced poker players will do well to learn as much about poker as they can. Reading about poker, practicing the game, and talking about it to other players can sometimes reveal interesting facts and useful tips that can make all the difference in your next game.

Poker Gifts for The Poker Fan in Your Life
If there are many poker enthusiasts in your life, have you considered what to give them for their next birthday or holiday season? Whether you want small stocking stuffers for your poker night friends or serious poker gifts for the love of your life, there are many options to choose from...

Understanding Poker Tournament Play
A poker tournament is simply an event where the players are trying to compete for a prize pool. The players pay for chips and pay an entry fee in some cases to play in the tournament.

Understanding Poker Software
If you are a poker fan and own a computer, you can take advantage of the exciting world of poker software. Poker software serves different purposes, from keeping track of your bankroll to helping you learn the game.

How to Play Pineapple Poker
Pineapple poker is a poker variation that is similar in many way to Texas Hold-em poker. In pineapple poker, though, players are dealt three cards face down, rather than two, before the first round of betting.

Be a Poker Tells Sleuth
If you are playing a poker game with others (and not on a computer) poker tells are crucial. Tells are the subtle signs, clues, and body language that can tell you what sort of cards another player is holding.

How to Get to Know Your Poker Opponent’s Tells
Poker tells are the subtle clues, such as changes in body language and facial expression, that can give you an important clue into the cards another player is holding.

Dealing with Poker Dealers
Poker dealers, whether at a casual game at home or a casino, have a key role to play in poker. Poker dealers announce the poker game and the rules, they answer questions, change money into chips, shuffling and deal the cards...

Taking a Poker Cruise
For the poker fan, a vacation aboard a poker cruise can be a great way to relax and take time off from work. It can also be an excellent way to meet other poker enthusiasts and improve poker skills.

How to Get the Most from a Poker Class
Poker lessons and classes are springing up all across the country, thanks to the rising popularity of poker. You can easily find classes in most areas by consulting your local yellow pages or by calling up some community colleges and local community centers.

How to Win with Poker Tournaments
Poker tournaments offer an interesting choice for poker players. For a small fee, poker players can join a tournament that can let them win big money.

Dealing With Online Poker Play Risks
Playing poker at an online casino is great fun for many poker players. No other type of poker play available right now allows players the chance at so many prizes, bonuses, and games so easily.

How to Play Mississippi Stud
Mississippi Stud is also known as Mississippi 7-card stud or as Big River Poker and this poker game is a variation on the classic seven_card stud poker game, but with no_limit betting.

What is the World Series of Poker?
The World Series of Poker is one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments for serious poker players out there. It is also a huge event, employing many thousands of people, generating plenty of press and building careers.

How to Play Strip Poker
Strip poker is an adults-only game that adds some spice to any night in. This game should only be played with couples or with would-be lovers or people who do not mind having some clothing come off.

Fun Poker Facts
The truth about poker may be stranger than the myths about it, as these trivia nuggets and facts show...

Poker Myths That can be Costing You Wins in Every Poker Game You Play
Maybe it is because poker has become so popular that so many people believe so many myths about the game. From beginners to seasoned players, poker fans seem to eagerly believe many things...

How to Avoid Bad Poker Advice
Poker players sometimes seem to love giving advice more than they even love to win the pot. Any new poker player will likely be inundated with advice from fellow players.

Poker and Gambling Problems
Poker is meant to be a fun and healthy game. The addition of money and betting to the game is meant to add excitement and interest to the game. It is not meant to create problems.

How to Plan and Have the Perfect Casino Poker Trip
If you love poker, you may eventually want to try a poker vacation by heading to one of the major casinos. Many millions of people travel to Las Vegas and other gambling Meccas to play and to vacation.

Getting a Job in the Poker World
There are many jobs out there for poker fans. Whether you want to design a poker software program, sell poker accessories, open a poker store or deal poker games in a casino, there are many employment opportunities for you out there.

How to Rise Through the Poker Ranks
Most of us realize that we need to walk before we start to job or run. Despite this common knowledge, though, many beginner poker players who think that they can move from a book about poker to an actual casino game.

Become a Gaming Writer: Get Paid to Play Poker
If you have a way with words and like poker, you can create a career for yourself as a gaming writer and get paid to play poker and write about it. There are many opportunities in this field as poker becomes a more popular pastime.

Crime and Poker: Do You Need to Worry?
In the days when poker was played by gold speculators in the wild west and on the river boats of the deep south, poker and violence went hand in hand.

Poker and the Maiden: Ladies at the Poker Table
For many generations, poker was considered a man’s game. In the nineteenth century, it was gentlemen and professional gamblers who tried their luck at the poker table. Even in recent times, poker is often depicted as a boys’ night out, complete with cigars, beer, and swearing.

How to Organize a Poker Group or Club
Getting a group of regular players together for games of poker is one thing. However, if you want to organize a poker club or group, you will need to do much more than simply encourage people to show up each week or each month with their money and snacks in tow.

Managing Your Poker Bankroll
In poker, your bankroll is the money you take with you into the game. You use your poker bankroll to purchase chips and stay in the game.

Card Games Descended from Poker
There are some card games that are similar to poker that are played at poker tables across the country. Sometimes, these card games are actually referred to as variations on poker, although it may be fairer to say that these games are inspired by or descended from poker.

Top Ten Ways to Create a Great Poker Table
If you are hosting a poker party, you will want to create a poker table that makes fellow players feel welcome and happy to be playing.

The Poker Fanatic: Could You Be One of The Breed?
Most poker players are content with playing poker at regular poker nights. Some poker players take this further by reading poker novels in between poker games or by practicing poker each chance they get.

Top Ten Ways to Add Excitement to Your Regular Poker Games
If you meet people regularly for poker, then your poker games are likely part of a pleasant routine. This can be great - unless poker night becomes something of a rut.

How to Play BlackJack
The objective of Blackjack is to accumulate cards with point totals as close to 21 without going over 21.

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